Color Elevation Map of Chapel Hill

If you’re interested in some of the supporting maps we’ve had at the Future Focus sessions, here are some quick links:

Color Elevation Map of Chapel Hill:

color_elevation (8×11 PDF)

Click here for other Project Maps and

For more information, please look at the Town’s GIS website.

3 thoughts on “Color Elevation Map of Chapel Hill

  1. Julie McClintock says:

    Street connectivity in existing neighborhoods is a hot button issue. Building more roads could put a lot more sediment into our creeks. I think informal bike paths with chapel hill gravel base could be built along ridge lines where connections need to be made.

    I think the Estes Hill Elementary present clog could be solved with some rules about how and where to pick up kids. The Caswell entrance has worked well for years. Because the route is circuitous, auto traffic passes at slow speeds which is desirable near a school.

  2. Sarah McIntee says:

    At the moment, Estes Drive is, at the beginning and ending of the day especially, is overcapacity. I want to remind all that there is a section in the middle that is residential.

    Part of our vision should emphasize STREET CONNECTIVITY, which includes undoing some of the cul de sac neighborhood street structure of the past to make through ways for commuting traffic and emergency vehicles to flow. At the moment, a large amount of traffic goes through on Caswell Rd right by Estes Hills Elementary onto a secondary cross street. The backlog of impatient drivers make it dangerous for our crossing pedestrians. There should be a way for the Coker Hills and East Lake neighborhoods to empty DIRECTLY onto a spoke road, like MLK rather than emptying onto Estes Drive. What we have now is one overprotected neighborhood trashing the peace and quiet of another neighborhood. This is not fair. Unless the community is prepared to completely buy out all the houses on Estes Drive to make it a commercial through way, which would be VERY expensive, the more expedient and least expensive way to unload excess traffic is to fix the neighborhood to the north so they empty directly onto MLK.

    Increasing STREET CONNECTIVITY also makes a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians, for there would be more routes for them that are not on the more unpleasant main roads. As a pedestrian and cyclist, I find I cannot use Estes Drive safely for biking or walking. It is too loud and unpleasant.

    Over the years I have been here, the values of these homes on Estes Drive have dropped because of the excess and speeding traffic. These homes are frequently for sale. The community has robbed these property owners. If we are going to be protective of neighborhoods, it needs to be for ALL neighborhoods, not just for the wealthiest neighborhoods.

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