What’s on tap tonight?

As a part of Chapel Hill 2020, the Town of Chapel Hill has organized aTavern Talks series of outreach efforts that are geared towards the younger, creative, and active Chapel Hill population, or the Generation X and Generation Y population. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage involvement in the planning process and to inspire those who have not yet participated to do so.

What’s on tap tonight from 7 to 8:30 p.m.? A Balancing Act: Bringing together environmental protection and growth Thursday, March 1 Jack Sprat, 161 E. Franklin St. The Hot Spots: Developing new spaces and supporting existing places Thursday, March 1 WXYZ Lounge at Aloft Chapel Hill, 1001 S. Hamilton Road (park at SECU Bank) Coeds and Co-ops: Learning, Innovating, and Using the Intellectual/Social/Financial Capital of the Town and University.

See you soon!

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