Big Ideas

Big Ideas for the Future

The Chapel Hill 2020 process drew thousands of people who live, work, study, and play in Chapel Hill to discuss issues vital to the town and build a vision for its future.

The work of the Chapel Hill 2020 participants was conducted in six separate theme groups, but by the time their efforts were complete, several strong ideas had emerged that were common to all of these discussions. These ideas include the following:

  • An emphasis on variety and ecological consciousness in transportation;
  • The importance of promoting economic development and harnessing the innovative power of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;
  • The town’s strength as a destination for cultural events, entertainment, and dining; and
  • Concern about providing an improved range of housing choices for residents.

In addition, due to the outstanding outreach efforts of the Chapel Hill 2020 process, many people became newly
engaged in the town’s affairs, attending work sessions and educational presentations, working with people from a
variety of backgrounds, lifestyles, interests, and opinions to forge a future vision for the town. This new enthusiasm and experience of the community participants should continue to be harnessed during the implementation of the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan.

These common themes, and the community involvement that produced them, became the basis for the five “Big Ideas” of the Chapel Hill 2020 process. The Big Idea initiatives embody the essence of the Chapel Hill 2020 goals and will serve as beacons to guide the efforts of the Town and the community as Chapel Hill’s future is created. Along with the more specific recommendations and aspirations included in the plan, the Big Ideas will assure that the Town successfully achieves the community’s vision:

The five Big Ideas are:

  • Connected Community
  • Rosemary Street Hub
  • Entertainment/Dining Hubs
  • Workforce Housing
  • Community and Neighborhood Engagement

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