Town Council Accepts the Obey Creek Compass Committee’s Report and Votes to Proceed to the Next Steps of the Development Agreement Process

On Monday, January 13th the Chapel Hill Town Council voted to accept the Obey Creek Compass Committee’s report, proceed with the Obey Creek development process,  and add  in a new checkpoint. During Phase 2, the Technical Team will work with developers and Town staffers to continue to revise the proposed development plan and study how it will impact the surrounding area. The study will explore potential effects on traffic, school capacity, the environment and other concerns. At the end of that phase, the Council will review the data and vote whether or not to enter into direct negotiations with developers at East West Partners.

During the meeting, The Council praised the Committee’s work, which included participating in 22 meetings starting in July, serving as a conduit to the public and,  producing a valuable report. Council member Donna Bell,  the Council liaison to the Obey Creek Compass Committee, expressed her appreciation of their work.  Thanks Obey Creek Compass Committee!

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