Where else can you read about Chapel Hill 2020? 

Here are a few places, to get you started:

Chapel Hill Carrboro News

Orange Politics

Chapel Hill Watch


Chapel Hill Magazine –

The Indy – Triangulator –

Daily Tar Heel – Town Talk –

3 thoughts on “Links

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  1. Susan Morance says:

    I am glad to be a stakeholder and to be participating in the Chapel Hill 2020 process. I appreciate the work that has gone into taking the themes and visions explored in the workshop on September 27 and putting them into forms for us to review, consider, and vote on.

    Draft Vision D was the choice I favored most. However, I did not agree with starting the narrative with “Chapel Hill will be the best college town in America.” I do not feel this should be our main claim to fame. We want the University to be an important part of Chapel Hill for sure and want to draw students here. However, the students are by and large a transient population. I feel the main focus should be on what the stable resident population wishes Chapel Hill to be.

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