Work Heats Up as the Summer Winds Down for the Obey Creek Compass Committee!

The months of July and August have been busy for the Obey Creek Compass Committee as they explore the potential for development in Obey Creek. At their August 8th “Obey Creek 101” information session,  the Committee dove into data! Guided by Town Staff, Committee members walked through the history of the area, including the South 15-501 Discussion Group Principles developed during the 2020 process, existing conditions in the area, transportation, and economic and growth considerations.

Compass Committee pic

Click here to access the Obey Creek data book.

On August 12th, Victor Dover (Technical Team Member) and national chair of the Congress for the New Urbanism led a Special Topic Presentation called, “Design for a Changing World: The Practicality of Placemaking.” Following the presentation, Victor answered questions related to trends, best practices, and obstacles facing college towns and livable communities across America.  Video and slides of this presentation are available on the Obey Creek Compass Committee page.

The next day, August 13th, the Committee sat down with the Technical Team to get to know more about the wide range of expertise and experience each team and Committee Member brought to the development agreement process and to have a facilitated discussion about the potential issues that the Town and developer would have to address if the Council decided to proceed into Phase 2 of the development agreement process, the negotiation phase. (The Technical Team is made up of experts in economic development, planning design and development, legal, and environmental and transportation planning. If you want to learn more about individual team members, see the Technical Team bios.)

Technical Team and Compass Committee

On August 19th, the Compass Committee met to talk about the proposed work plan for the group. The Committee also took some time to review a document on design impacts and share their aspirations and concerns related to the proposed development.

Interested in attending a meeting? Visit the Committee page to view the proposed work plan and upcoming meeting information.

Have a question or comment you’d like to share with the Compass Committee? Time for public comment is reserved for the beginning and end of each meeting. We hope to see you at the next meeting which will be held on Wednesday, August 28 in Library Meeting Room A.

Let us know what you think!

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