Chapel Hill Meets the Development Agreement Technical Team!

This past Wednesday and Thursday (June 26-27), the Development Agreement Technical Team traveled to Chapel Hill to meet with the Community, Town Staff and Glen Lennox development team to discuss the big issues that will frame the next steps in the Glen Lennox development process.

The Team, made up of experts in economic development, planning design and development, legal, and environmental and transportation planning, learned about the history of development in Chapel Hill and the Glen Lennox neighborhood. They were introduced to the great work the Glen Lennox Area Neighborhood Conservation District Development Committee did to conceptualize the Glen Lennox of the future. The Team was excited to see all the work the community has already done!

At Wednesday night’s public input meeting, Staff Project Team member Jason Damweber introduced the Technical Team and gave a brief overview on development agreements. Following the staff presentation, Technical Team member Victor Dover spoke about redevelopment best practices from around the country. Rachel Russell from Grub Properties wrapped up with a presentation on the highlights of the Glen Lennox Area Neighborhood Conservation District Plan.
Community members had a chance to ask questions of the technical team, staff, and Grubb properties.

pub meetings

The next day, Rachel Russell of Grubb properties led a public tour of Glen Lennox so the team and community members could see the property and imagine a redesigned Glen Lennox neighborhood.

glen lennox tour

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