Central West Steering Committee Reviews Concepts

During last evening’s Central West Steering Committee meeting, the Steering Committee reviewed two updated concepts. The comments from the June 4th Steering Committee meeting about the three concept plans and the Citizen Concept Plan were pulled together and constituted these two concepts. The two concepts focus on different themes: one is A Walkable Residential Community and the other is a Town/Gown Village.

The Steering Committee reviewed the presentation about these two concepts and requested time to continue the dicussion about these concepts and the concepts presented on June 4th. The Steering Committee will continue their conversation during the next Steering Committee meeting on July 1st from 6:00-9:00pm at the Siena Hotel.

For the A Walkable Residential Community concept, please see below:

Concept A_6-11-2013

For the Town/Gown Village concept, please see below:

Concept B_6-11-2013

For a copy of the presentation that provides more information about these concepts and their themes, please visit http://www.townofchapelhill.org/centralwest

5 thoughts on “Central West Steering Committee Reviews Concepts

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  3. Debbie Jepson says:

    I omitted to say, in my earlier posting, Kudos and thanks to Megan Woolley for sharing this new information with the public so quickly. This is particularly helpful to all those who are unable to attend these Steering Committee meetings in person, and for those many members of the public who do attend but want time to reflect on new materials before making their comments.

  4. Debbie Jepson says:

    I believe that the above posting is both inaccurate and misleading. The wording implies that the Steering Committee discussed the comments from the meeting on June 4th, incorporated them into two revised concept plans and then took time to discuss the details and merits of these plans. What is not made clear is that it was the Consultants who collated the comments from June 4th and incorporated their own interpretation of them in 2 new concept maps (A and B) which they presented during the meeting, for the first time, to the Steering Committee. You are correct that the Steering Committee requested additional time to consider the plans as there was no time for discussion.

    During the meeting we heard from Lucy Carol Davis, with support from other members of the Steering Committee, that the concept plans were premature. In particular, Lucy commented that the Steering Committee was still finalizing the Principles and Objectives which should be the foundation of the Concept Plans. We also heard from other members of the Steering Committee that more time was needed to digest these lengthy presentations before discussion could occur.

  5. Firoz Mistry says:

    The above post creates an incorrect impression that the two concept plans posted above were the product of the Steering Committee review and discussions. These two concept plans were created by the consultants and represent their views. They do not represent the views of the Steering Committee, which has not had any time to review and discuss them. They also do not incorporate many of the citizen comments or those of many Steering Committee members. Your post’s title should read “Consultants present two new concept plans to Steering Committee”.

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