MLK/Estes Drive Focus Area – Recommendation Meeting Updates

Thank you to everyone who attended the Recommendation Meeting #2 on September 19th and the Recommendation Meeting #3 on September 24th. The next Recommendation Meeting will be held on Monday, October 1st from 7-9pm in the Large Training Room in the Transit Building, located at 6900 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill 27516.

The purpose of this meeting is to continue to develop the recommendations about the Steering Committee structure and purpose as well as the scope and schedule for gathering community thoughts and ideas about the area.

As a follow-up to the second Recommendation Meeting on September 19th, the results from the survey about the Steering Committee can be found here. The survey had 75 respondents.

 In addition, the meeting summary, which includes the proposed structures for the Steering Committee composition, can be found here.

2 thoughts on “MLK/Estes Drive Focus Area – Recommendation Meeting Updates

  1. Sarah McIntee says:

    This upcoming meeting is supposed to be for completion of the work of meeting #2, regarding the structure of the steering committee, not what the steering committee will do. What the group would do was surveyed and discussed in meeting #3. I believe once they announced the 3rd meeting and its purpose, they didn’t feel they shouldn’t depart from the schedule they had set. Our facilitator made her first appearance at the third meeting, and she will there at the 4th one on Monday. We will see you then!

  2. Julie McClintock says:

    I’d like to see next Monday’s meeting devoted to what the Steering Committee will actually do. The Steering committee could coordinate activities, set agendas and outline the work plan. I think citizens are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work of gathering data on transportation, environmental impacts and identifying the desirable types of economic development. Study committees involving may people could be organized along the lines of the 2020 Comp Plan goals coordinated by the Steering Committee.

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