Planning Board Recommendations

We hope you’ll take a look at the Planning Board’s recommendations to the May 16, draft of the plan, posted on our main page ( and here:

You can also access the meeting summary from the joint Planning Board and Sustainability Committee meeting and the Planning Board notes on the Town’s Calendar (June 5, 2012).

One thought on “Planning Board Recommendations

  1. I appreciate the hours the Planning board spent reviewing this important vision document. The Planning Board is specifically charged with looking at the document from a town-wide, cross-theme perspective to make sure there were no big omissions, identify areas of conflict and incompleteness that need further resolution, and comment on whether the product is a useful guide to the town’s future and make suggestions on how to make it so. I think they have fulfilled their charge admirably in fashioning a more readable vision document for our community.

    I like the additional language about what our Town is proud of and what we value (which had previously been left out). The big ideas section builds on the ideas produces in the theme groups and looks at them holistically, something the 2020 schedule did not allow participants to do. The goals are still front and center in the document and the many action items are placed in an appendix until they are prioritized and vetted. We do need to know how the community will be engaged in that process.

    We should not ask to much from this vision document. 2020 leaders Rosemary and George emphasized this is a vision document and the details will be worked out in the next stages after the Council approves the vision plan. I’d like to see the Council approve clear next steps about how the community will be engaged in the planning processes ahead which will lead to the new land use map.

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