One thought on “Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

  1. OC RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program’s role is to promote volunteerism for older adults and to partner with nonprofit agencies to develop programming to address unmet community needs. We recruit approx 100 new volunteers annually who join our +500 base and are placed, often, with more than one agency. We would like to see more development of volunteerism in the 2020 plan as volunteers can improve the quality of life for everyone from building affordable housing, providing transportation, developing green spaces, mentoring children or representing them in court to preparing 2000 income tax returns for low to middle income clients.

    RSVP comments on the themes and objectives:
    A Place for Everyone: (1) engage nonprofit agencies (community stakeholders) who have the organizational structure to serve those most in need (2) continue programs such as RSVP Volunteer Program to partner with nonprofit agencies in creating volunteer opportunities to engage older adults in service to their communities. Responsible party: 1. OC RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program 2. 3rd Sector (nonprofit agencies)
    Community Prosperity/Engagement: Please address engaging people of all ages who want to give back to their community
    (1) Empower citizens to connect to their community through volunteerism HOW: Make more visible the various community engagement opportunities available. Responsible party: Nonprofits; RSVP; Businesses; Chamber; Government; Faith-based
    Good Places/New spaces: (1) Promote disaster preparedness for neighborhood residents to stay in place 3-7 days after disaster using trained neighborhood volunteers & CERT method (Community Emergency Response Team) (2) promote concept that “more able” neighbors assist “less able” neighbors to remain in their homes/maintain their independence as long as possible Responsible party: RSVP; Health Department; Carolina Villages Program (village concept)

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