Countdown till Future Focus: 2.5 weeks

Future Focus is a three day event planned for February 15th and 16th at the Friday Center with a follow up  workshop to be held on February 23rd. It will be an interactive and dynamic planning process unlike any other had so far in Chapel Hill. We encourage you to save the dates.

I’m excited about the hands-on Visual Preference Activity scheduled and the small breakout groups where participants can imagine new and different places. That input will form the basis for illustrative examples of what growth might look like in different areas of Town to be presented on the 23rd. Another element of Future Focus that should be helpful, especially for the Community Prosperity group, is the  Fiscal Estimation Model. This tool predicts revenues and expenditures for the Town by relating local factors to the characteristics of various development types and land use patterns explored during the event.

In order to provide good direction for the 2020 theme groups, the new Comprehensive Plan, and utlimately the future of Chapel Hill, Future Focus needs maximum attendance. So come, participate, inform, and learn at
Future Focus.

3 thoughts on “Countdown till Future Focus: 2.5 weeks

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  2. The calendar previously showed a three-day charette, and now it’s called Future Focus and is a two pairs of two-hour meetings? How is it different from the two-hour meetings we already have for 2020? Why not have at least part of this on a weekend day so that we can take the time to really dig in and working folks can get more deeply engaged?

    When are we going to address the challenge work of developing a vision that our comprehensive plan will be designed to implement? I don’t see it emerging from these bite-size meetings and scattershot presentations.

    • In finalizing the agenda details, we opted to have the reporting-back on the 23rd, instead of the 17th, so results from the work sessions wouldn’t be rushed. It’s still three days, but they are the 15, 16 and 23rd. And yes, we are calling it Future Focus, since several people have pointed out that “Charette” is not a word everyone uses.

      The sessions will have plenty of information for people to work with and respond to, including the time on the 23rd. These meetings are different because they will all be entirely focused on one topic instead of broken into theme groups.

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