Notes, Videos and Upcoming Events, oh my!

There’s a lot happening right now related to Chapel Hill 2020 and we’ve gotten a few folks asking where to find information about past and upcoming events.

Here are a few key links:

  • Meeting notes and goals (by theme group) are on the Chapel Hill 2020 page “Themes
  • Videos of the 2020 special topics are on the Town’s streaming media archive.
  • Upcoming events are on the Meetings and Materials page, along with event flyers and agendas

What’s coming next?  For the full list, check that Meetings and Materials page, but here are a few highlights:

  • A special presentation by the Schools on February 2nd
  • Tavern Talks, February 2nd (the first of three!)
  • Special presentations by the Chamber of Commerce and OWASA on February 6th
  • Community Visioning work session on February 15 (6-8pm) and 16th (11:30-1:30 and/or 6-8 pm) at the Friday Center!

Let us know what you think!

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