Preparing for the December 15 Reporting Out

If you’re catching up on the news about Chapel Hill 2020, you might want to read a bit about Why Chapel Hill is lucky – kudos to the respectful conversations happening in our process. 

You might also want to catch the article about the Town Manager’s fiscal presentation at the December 1st meeting.   (slides from the presentation here)

We’re preparing for the reporting out session and the meeting notes and updated goals charts are being posted to the 2020 website (Meetings and Materials Page).

Two of the groups didn’t have enough time to fill out their charts and were interested in continuing to work on their goals.

We have arranged to set aside the second half of the December 15 reporting out meeting for those participants and new participants to bring their ideas and input to the group.

You are welcome to send your comments to the blog, email us at or bring your materials to the meeting to share with others.

See you December 15th at East Chapel Hill High!

4 thoughts on “Preparing for the December 15 Reporting Out

  1. Polly van de Velde says:

    I also agree we need more time for the groups to define implementation steps. The emphasis needs to be on the process, not just the goals. A large group takes time to come to consensus. If the goal is truly for all interested parties to have a voice there must be enough time for each voice to be heard.

    • Geoffrey Daniel says:

      I hear you loud and clear on the need for more time to do the process adequate justice. Since 20/20 will set the tone for the Town moving forward, it’s imperative that contributors and stakeholders have the opportunity to address matters that speak to the heart of our community. We’d all hate to rush this process along when, hopefully, we’re able to adjust the schedule accordingly. Paring down the plenary sessions for more group break-outs, where we can more thoroughly deliberate on the business of our future.
      Just my .02.

  2. As I am reading the 2020 website introduction to the report out for Thursday night, I am realizing that there are only two more theme group meetings coming up in the current schedule. Do others agree that we need more time for the theme groups to engage?

    I’m impressed by the highly motivated and energetic group of people in the Nurturing Group whom I am confident, given adequate time, will come up with thoughtful implementation and strategy ideas for the Comprehensive Plan draft. However our group did not complete our productive group discussion of goals at the 12/01 theme meeting, nor did we have time to discuss strategies and implementation ideas. That will not be a quick conversation.

    No doubt the task of completing a list of goals reflecting a stake holder consensus has value. However, this list of goals deserves a sufficiently rich description of implementation steps informed by data analysis so the Comprehensive Plan writers know what approach to take when they write the first draft.

    Given the time that the Town has invested in outreach on the 2020 process and the theme group structure now in place, we need to take the time to fully utilize the talents of the people now engaged in the process. I urge we revisit the schedule.

    • Yes, I agree that the current timeline is extremely ambitious. If the entire community is to invest so much time and energy in this plan, it must be done right, not rushed. I would like to see the Town officially change the timeline and revise the expectation that there will be a complete plan to inform the budgeting process in May. This is a LONG RANGE plan, not just a laundry list of priorities.

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