Responding to Data Requests: 1st Cut

On Oct 27, the theme groups made requests to the Town for data. Some requests for data were directly connected to a question/conversation they had. That connection is ideal for Chapel Hill 2020 because it helps everyone better understand the conversations had in each of 6 theme group meetings.This is a link to a spreadsheet and PDF with links connected to what the Theme groups wanted to know more about. 1st cut.

Don’t forget to also check out the presentation Mitch Silver made on demographics (It’s only up for the next two weeks!) and the Town Manager’s presentation on fiscal condition at the December 1st meeting.

Moving forward, as the groups begin to set clear goals and objectives, and as we get more comfortable working together, you can expect to see information in  new and useful ways. See you Thursday and don’t forget to take the Theme Group Survey beforehand!

One thought on “Responding to Data Requests: 1st Cut

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