What Do You Predict for 2020?

We’ve already heard a lot of ideas about what issues are on your minds- from greenways to development, neighborhoods to education, and that input will be a good start for our plan.   

But what does this all really mean?

What Does the Future Hold?

What Does the Future Hold?

2020.  That’s when our fourth graders will be graduating from High School.  If you scour the web for the ‘futurists’ predictions for 2020, you will turn up predictions about careers in nano-medicine (a boat that travels through your body destroying cancer cells) and new limbs for injured military or sports team members. (see The Guardian)  Will technology really change our lives?  Will our appliances talk to us at work?  Or will we go the way of the Mayans and Romans, devolving when we hit our sustainability limits (see the Ericsson 2020 campaign for these views and others).

What does this all mean for Chapel Hill?

As you’re going about your weekend, enjoying a park (we heard the rain is supposed to stop), listening to the news and thinking about work (or not), will you take a few moments to think about Chapel Hill in 2020?  

What do you predict?  And what would you like to see?

Will you post your best idea here?

One thought on “What Do You Predict for 2020?

  1. Eric Hamlett says:

    I predict that USA will have trade balance due to carbon accounting. Due to carbon accounting we will be operating our industries at maximum efficiency and with least consumption. Carbon Accounting will bring back the concepts of interchangeability of parts, growing food locally, fabulous vacations in local places. Carbon Accounting will bring a feeling of pride. We will be on our way or actually doing carbon accounting by 2020, or if not, probably engulfed by societal escalations.

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