Outreach – you’ve got to have Faith!

Remember those feedback forms and comment cards?

Over 100 people attending the Community Meeting, on September 27th at East Chapel Hill High School, took the time to share their thoughts on how we could reach a broader audience to get input for the Chapel Hill 2020 Community Visioning Plan.  They were probably wondering what would happen to that information – well, that’s where Faith comes in!

Faith Thomspon is our Community Outreach Coordinator for Chapel Hill 2020 and she’s been going through that information and calling you!  She’s also been working with the Chapel Hill 2020 outreach committee – a dedicated group of volunteers who are helping us get the word out.

Chapel Hill 2020 Outreach Committee


Thanks to all this work we now have contacts and meetings scheduled with various groups in our community: UNC students, seniors, youth, Veterans, foreign born and new homeowners.  We’ve translated materials, gone to your meetings and worked with the schools to share information.

And that’s not all – Faith is riding the bus, going to meetings and helping us find everyone who has something to say about Chapel Hill.  She’s going to help make our efforts real to the people who can’t make a meeting, need a little extra time or have something to say that hasn’t been said yet.  Last Saturday, you told us that there are other places in town we need to go – churches, schools and grocery stores, to name a few – be on the lookout!

 Thank you to all of you that have agreed to act as a liaison with groups that desire increased participation in the 2020 Community Visioning process.

 If you have information on how we can reach other segments of our community, please contact Faith M. Thompson, at fthompson@townofchapelhill.org or by calling 919.969.5068

3 thoughts on “Outreach – you’ve got to have Faith!

  1. Faith M. Thompson says:

    Carol Woods Meeting & Comments from 11/10/11

    1. Carrboro/Chapel Hill connection – they are our nearest neighbor. Are there significant connections to the planning process for them? Anything that happens in Chapel Hill is going to affect them and they should have the ability to weigh in on our planning for 2020.
    2. Appreciate meeting with them to get their input but it is pretty clear that when it comes down to implementation, the Seniors are pretty much an invisible group and their concerns will not be captured in the final plan.
    3. Extra territorial jurisdiction and annexation has gone crazy.
    4. There is to be a resolution presented to Chapel Hill Council on 11/21 to slow growth/expansion and most of our support that (See plan of Steve Salmony (sp?))
    5. We can no longer “grow our way out of our problems” and need to adjust all planning to deal with what we have instead of always seeking the next new biggest thing!
    6. The Shaping Orange County Future plan was comprehensive and had the input of various sectors of the community
    a. We need to review the recommendations from that plan and see how many are salvageable; how many did we implement; what worked and what did not
    b. There were concrete recommendations and not this pie in the sky feeling associated with the 2020 plan
    c. One recommendation was that no school would be built with a large parking lot – only a lot sufficient for the staff at that facility. But we did not adhere to that in the interest of the wealthy parents who wanted their children to be able to drive to school. Now we have problems with running out of land for other expansion projects
    d. The growth options plan of Orange County (1975) should be revisited.
    7. Jonathan Howes is an expert in this area and should be allowed greater rein to develop a workable plan
    8. The Master Aging Plan has some very good recommendations and should be a part of the Chapel Hill 2020 plan.
    9. Open a large bookstore on Franklin Street
    10. Reduce public art budget by ½
    11. Keep free bus service

  2. mjsorrell says:

    I see placards on the CH buses meant to advertise the 2020 process, but they don’t really do their job.
    They say “2020” in very large print, then “Chapel Hill” in large print, followed by “Our Town. Our Vision” is slightly smaller print, and finally the website address in the smallest print.
    This does not communicate what is going on OR ask for anyone’s participation. I hope there will be another public campaign that is more descriptive and more inviting. How about “What would you like Chapel Hill to be like in 2020?” OR “Let us hear from you.” Or something that tells folks what’s really going on.
    And of course, a QR code could send folks straight to the website or this blog.

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