Your Questions: Part 2 – What does the Theme Group Do?

As we’ve been building up momentum for Thursday’s first meeting of all the theme groups, we’ve been hearing your questions about process, roles and how we’ll get from vision to plan.

So, we learned who will be in the theme groups, let’s see “What” these theme groups  will do.

A Vision of Chapel Hill

In short, the theme groups will develop the content of the plan.  The framework of this effort is based on the participation from the stakeholders.  The process relies on the theme groups to develop the components of the plan then to share and reconcile their components with other theme groups during the reporting out sessions along the way.  (For more about the process basics, see this earlier post.)  With so many people involved and so many divergent (convergent?) ideas about Chapel Hill, we will all have to be willing to have those conversations with a focus on the one thing we all desire: the best possible future for Chapel Hill.

Components of the Plan

  • Theme: an area of the plan that address various related elements
  • Minivision: an expansion or refinement of the overall community vision identifying components of the theme to be addressed
  • Goal: a desired outcome of future policy decisions and other efforts
  • Rationale: an explanation of why this goal is important – can help guide the action steps
  • Strategy: a way of moving from the current condition to the desired outcome (goal)
  • Action Steps – specific steps of the strategy
  • Timeline – how long the action is expected to take
  • Resource needs – what kind of resources (town, community, other agency, regional, etc.) are needed to support this action
  • Responsible parties – a lead party and partners who will take responsibility for this step
  • Measurement of Success – how we know if the action was successful or not

Each goal of the plan will relate back up to the theme, the mini-vision and ultimately the community’s vision.  These goals will occasionally cross boundaries with other themes and we fully expect that some of the decisions will emerge after some difficult discussions at the reporting out sessions.  How will the theme groups work?  That’s a topic for another post!

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