First Meeting of All Theme Groups is Thursday

Reminder – we’re meeting tomorrow at Ephesus Elementary School tomorrow to talk about the components of the Themes.

Ephesus Elem School Map

Time: 4:30-6:30 PM

If you haven’t signed up for a theme group, that’s fine – just join us and we’ll find you a place to share your ideas and interests.

There will be refreshments from the School’s PTA, child care by the YMCA Teens and plenty of ideas to share.

Outcome of session: 

  • Identify components for each theme (big picture; aspirational)
  • Identify information needed to begin theme discussion on goals

 Agenda Actions:         

  • Review the process
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of leaders and members
  •  Identify components for theme (based on community data)
  •   Identify areas in common with other themes
  •  Identify resources for group (staff, data)
  • Have discussion on decisions in the theme group

We hope to see you tomorrow.

One thought on “First Meeting of All Theme Groups is Thursday

  1. The guiding principals of the Community Prosperity and Engagement Theme were keeping our community and social capital local – no one should have to leave Chapel Hill – and maintaining Chapel Hill’s heterogeneity.

    A great deal of discussion focused on fiscal sustainability, particularly on the importance of affordable housing for all incomes groups. Strategies included mortgage subsidies, property tax reduction, diversification of the tax base, TDR and also the possibility of revisiting the rural buffer to expand housing and schools.

    Given the contiguous nature of Carrboro and Chapel Hill, shared services, police, fire, were raised as a fiscal sustainability issue. Other fiscal sustainability issues included: Data on town budget projections for 2030 and a breakdown of town allocations per dollar

    With regard commercial businesses and offices, the discussion focused on support for start up businesses including home based and other, non-commercial businesses and the need for data on commercial space vacancies.

    While Chapel Hill is a tourist destination with all the related costs of services and parking, plus the tax benefits, there are relatively few bed and breakfasts and heritage tourism efforts and programs.

    Chapel Hill also has few public gathering places, European style piazzas. However, balancing closed off streets or non-traffic shopping areas could be an impediment to retail as Americans drive to places to see and shop (example, the State Street in Chicago came back to retail life once the street was reopened to two way traffic).

    Historic neighborhood revitalization, incentives for historic preservation can help to address expand the overall housing pool including affordable housing. New preservation ordinances or landmark programs to protect structures outside of historic districts would serve to highlight the Chapel Hill’s heritage tourism attractions.

    Safe access to all parts of the town with a supportive transportation infrastructure was raised as key to the core value of social and community capital and equity. Lack of public transit access to the eastside commercial shopping districts is an example.

    Participants made requests for data – business location, commercial vacancy, dollar breakdown, fiscal projections, housing and development types, the Eastgate small area plan – and professional expertise to provide context and in-depth knowledge of the thematic issues. Going forward, supportive documents and expertise at hand will be key to informed discussion and successful plan development.

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