Your Questions: Part 1 – Who is in the Theme Group?

As we’ve been building up momentum for Thursday’s first meeting of all the theme groups, we’ve been hearing your questions about process, roles and how we’ll get from vision to plan. 

Let’s start with “Who?”

Theme Co-Chairs – Facilitate the discussion, use the ground-rules for an effective conversation, help everyone be heard during the discussion.  Our co-chairs will be neutral facilitators responsible for keeping the groups on track and working on their various tasks. 

Staff Resources –  Available to answer questions or identify resources to bring to the group’s discussions.  Could be senior management from the Town, University, Hospital, other agency or group.  At least 1 staff resource will be available at all meetings and will be the liaison to the Resource Committee

Recorder – designated staff to record the meeting, produce a quick report and bring outreach information to the group.

School of Government Facilitators – Will be available at the reporting-out sessions to facilitate conversation and reconciliation.

Stakeholders – these are the folks who are going to develop the content.  If you’ve signed up for a theme group, you’re a stakeholder.  If you haven’t, you can join us at any meeting and we’ll bring you up to speed. 

Outreach – A lot of you have asked about people who aren’t at the meetings.  Will they have an opportunity to have input and respond to the plan contents as the process moves along?  The short answer is yes.  We will be doing targeted (and broad!) outreach all along this process.  The goal is to bring information out of the meetings and to bring reactions and new information back to the beginning of each meeting.  We’ll introduce you to our outreach coordinator in another post soon, so check back!

5 thoughts on “Your Questions: Part 1 – Who is in the Theme Group?

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  2. Mickey Jo Sorrell says:

    I’m looking forward to Thursday night, but I’m going to be arriving very late because I have class in Raleigh until 4:00 – every Thursday. I imagine there are other folks like me who have recurring obligations. Can we mix these meeting days up a bit to allow for such conflicts? I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out who would like to participate.

    • Mickey Jo, Sorry you can’t be there for the whole thing tomorrow! We are mixing up the meetings a bit – check out the “How” post for more information and the calendar!

    • There’s no ‘sign up’ for the theme groups, but anyone is welcome to join a group at any time. Look for new theme-specific pages in the next couple of days here on the blog.

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