Take the Survey – (survey closed)

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Did we miss you last night?  We’ll post the survey results and a meeting summary soon, but if you’re eager to go ahead and let us know what you thought about the draft themes and visions we posted here earlier, go ahead and jump right in!

And come back soon, to see what others thought!

3 thoughts on “Take the Survey – (survey closed)

  1. Julie McClintock says:

    I concur with Jan Smith’s suggestions for more explanation next time for how we got to where we are, the need for neutral facilitators, and clarity on the process.

    A comment on last night’s second community meeting – I thought the clicker exercise was fun. It would have been more productive if we could have clicked our preferences on a list of all the wonderful ideas generated by the groups at the initial Vision 2020 meeting. Instead we voted on vision statements drafted by staff that were a mix of elements. Therefore we can’t conclude any preferences at all about these statements.

    We’ve got lots of opportunities going forward to comment but we missed a good opportunity last night to get some useful data.

  2. I’ve been impressed by the efforts made thus far. Clearly there’s been a great deal of planning and coordination in putting these meetings together and I am optimistic about our direction.

    I have some thoughts to share, which, if embraced, would improve the experience for me and for a number of folks with whom I have spoken. First, as regards the process – I would really love it if you could take 15 mins. at the start of the next meeting and lay out for everyone exactly what the process is and what you expect we will accomplish at each step along the way. At the moment it seems that some people know what is happening and where it will lead, but most of us do not. I’m not looking to criticize the process, but it would help us if we understood exactly what the process is.

    A corollary to this is how will the work of the theme groups be pulled together into a cohesive document and who is responsible for doing that. And, of course, how will that be vetted with the stakeholders to ensure that it says what we intended it to say?

    I am also confused about roles. I’ve been hearing the names Leader and Facilitator, used interchangeably. I agree that there needs to be a leadership group and facilitators. I don’t understand how a Facilitator – neutral by definition – can also be part of the leadership group. Can you define these roles and explain how they can be the same person?

    Finally, could you provide a background education session for the stakeholders? I don’t believe most of the people who are participating at this point have a good idea exactly what many of the terms mean (e.g. what’s a LUMO? how big are we? where do we work? what’s an MPO? what plans already exist that will carry into the future regardless of what we do?), and what are the constraints that the town is working under. Additionally,many stakeholders may not understand what the relationship is between all the players – schools, town, police, emergency services, county. I believe that background educational materials were provided to the Visioning Task Force. It seems it would be a good idea if we all got this information so that the Research Group would only have to respond to questions that are peculiar to a specific theme and we would all be working from the same knowledge base.

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