2020 Begins Tomorrow!

We’re kicking off Chapel Hill 2020 tomorrow at East Chapel Hill High (500 Weaver Dairy Road) and it’s amazing what’s coming together!  While we get the tables set up and sharpen our pencils, we wanted to let you in on a few of the details:

  • The agenda has been posted!
  • Food will be available for purchase, thanks to the East Chapel Hill High PTA
  • Child care for children ages 5 and over will be available, thanks to the                          YMCA Teen Leaders’ Club

Do you know someone who can’t make it?  Or someone who wants to be involved? Send them over to www.chapelhill2020.org to learn more.

If you know people who want to learn more but can’t make the meeting, they can drop us an email compplan@townofchapelhill.org and we’ll come to them!

3 thoughts on “2020 Begins Tomorrow!

  1. George Cianciolo says:

    Great start everyone. Surely 400+. Sorry for those folks who didn’t get packets but you can go to the website to get info regarding the schedule of meetings, etc.
    We need to keep up the good work. At the next meeting on October 6th we’ll try to finalize (for now) a draft vision statement and whittle down the list of key theme areas that you, the stakeholders, want to begin working on in key theme groups. We’re working on a new site for next week’s meeting given the great attendance last evening and our request that you bring family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances with you on the 6th.
    George C.

  2. Deepa Sanyal says:

    A great meeting with over 300 participants. Our table talked about a range of issues – regional public transit connections, inclusiveness for people of all incomes and ages, better recyling, and more pedestrian scale, walkable communities. Suggest round tables as it was difficult to hear the facilitator and people at the far end of the table.. Also, flip charts to better see the comments. Again, a great meeting and I look forward to the next one. One suggestion for outreach. Form a sub-commmittee to reach out to under-represented groups.

    • George Cianciolo says:


      We have an Outreach Committee that has been and will continue to work hard to get the under-represented groups to our meetings. It is co-chaired by Rob Maitland and Jim Curis and has several additional members including Ruby Sinreich of Orange Politics. If you have specific suggestions of groups/people for the Committee or Staff to contact you can let us know by posting here or emailing us at

      Thanks for coming last night.

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